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I am a passionate individual with an obsession for pushing myself to my limit and always pushing to reach new fitness goals. I have completed a number of sporting events, rowing,marathons, triathlons and just recently completed the UK Ironman. I am a keen biohacker and over the last few years have found the diets that work, the training plans that make a difference and the mindset that powered me to to the finish line of an Ironman. My mission is to help others reach their goals. I believe with the right positive attitude anything is possible.


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About Me

I am passionate about health and fitness and I have competed in a number of different sports and events. My early years were spent playing football but due to a knee injury I was unable to continue. I took up chinese kung fu for 4 years and then got hooked on marathon running and triathlons and completed the Bolton UK ironman. Through studying, trial and error and surrounding myself with knowledgeable coaches I have learned a lot about the human body and physical performance. With the advancement in technology, we are now able to track all our workouts and gain a deeper understanding of the types of training and nutrition which will reap greater results. I have been a consistent biohacker for the last 2 years ad I feel that embracing technology to measure heart rate, zone training, power training, heart rate variability, nutrition and sleep has enabled me to stay focused and increase my performance to a high level. My work ethic, knowledge and discipline around nutrition has enabled me to complete all the goals I have set. I am a keen cyclist and compete regularly in time trials and I am now helping clients reach their cyclin goals by setting specific training plans and nutritional plans based on their indivudual goals and food preferences.  I now have a passion to help other people reach their goals and I am now a certified personal trainer, specializing in health, fitness, wellness and nutrition.