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I am a passionate individual with an obsession for pushing myself to my limit and always pushing to reach new fitness goals. I have completed a number of sporting events, rowing,marathons, triathlons and just recently completed the UK Ironman. I am a keen biohacker and over the last few years have found the diets that work, the training plans that make a difference and the mindset that powered me to to the finish line of an Ironman. My mission is to help others reach their goals. I believe with the right positive attitude anything is possible.


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In order to reach the personal goals you set yourself, diet, training and overall health and wellness all work together and each part needs careful consideration. Here at primal health and fitness we don't work to chance and have developed reliable ways to track progress and use bioacking tools to get accurate assessments of how the body and mind are functioning. 

January 22, 2017

Vo2 max test was a perfect christmas present. It was good to have a scientific data to back up that all the training is paying off. I had a V02 max test carried out 10 years ago where i scored 50 for a V02 max. The test this year confirmed a V02 max score of 55. For a...

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