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Nutrition and diets can seem very confusing as there a huge variety of diets to choose from. Each diet has its own advantages and disadvantages, the key is understanding the principles behind nutrition, how it effects the body, energy levels and understanding how different activities require different energy systems. 


Before any nutritional plan is prescribed, I carry out a full analysis of the individuals current and past eating habits, current health and fitness levels and define what their goals are and devise a specific nutrition (and training) plan around their goals. I use elements from a number of diets, including Paelo, Keto, intermittent fasting, carb cycling and incorporate specific elements at specific times of the plan to get maximum effect for the individual. The nutritional plan is devised based on the training and activity levels and not the other way round. Too many people adopt a new 'diet' and try yo make it work to their lifestyle and it doesn't always work. The plan needs to be specific to your goals and activity levels.


Reaching my own goals and on my journey of self discovery, biohacking and becoming a qualified personal trainer I have discovered what really works for fat loss, what really works for muscle building and what works for completing long endurance events. 

All clients will receive personalised diet plans, recipes ideas and as part of the 12 week plan, continuous monitoring and review of progress will be carried out. This is achieved by keeping a good diary and regular feedback sessions with the client on their progress.

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