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I am a passionate individual with an obsession for pushing myself to my limit and always pushing to reach new fitness goals. I have completed a number of sporting events including, rowing, marathons, triathlon, UK Ironman, Marmotte Alps cycling sportive and recently successfully summited Mera Peak (6473M) in the Himalayas. Mera Peak is the equivalent of camp 2 of Mount Everest. I am a keen biohacker and over the last few years have found the diets that work, the training plans that make a difference and the mindset that powered me to to the finish line of all my major events. My mission is to help others reach their goals. I believe with the right positive attitude anything is possible.


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  • Kirk Yearsley

V02 max testing

Vo2 max test was a perfect christmas present. It was good to have a scientific data to back up that all the training is paying off. I had a V02 max test carried out 10 years ago where i scored 50 for a V02 max. The test this year confirmed a V02 max score of 55. For a trained person, it is hard to make gains on your V02 max score, so to improve by 10% was a great motivation boost. The power output was really high and the test ended with a peak output of 475 watts and total capacity of 5.5 litres of oxygen utilisation per minute. I have am a heavy guy, weighing 103kg and when the absolute V02 max is divided by my weight, results in an above average V02 max score but below my target of at least 60. To put into perspective, when Chris Froome performed a V02 max test, he maxed out at 525 watts, only 50 watts higher than me! The difference with Chris, is he is much lighter than me, weighing 69kg, a whopping 34 kg less! realistically the lightest I could be with my size and frame would be 14 stone (89kg). All things equal, if I maintained my current fitness levels and weighed 14 stone my V02 max would improve to 62. If over the next 3 years I can improve my absolute V02 max by 5 percent (57.75 litres per minute) and weigh 89 kg, my V02 max would improve to 65. Anything over 70 is what professional cyclist ride at. I would need to be able to improve my absolute V02 max to 6.23 litres of oxygen per minute, equating to a performance increase of an additional 13 percent on my current levels. Now according to mainstream science, this is likely to be out of my reach, however there is now new evidence to suggest with the correct training, improvements of 10-15 percent are possible with specific training plans and structured training and recovery. I will be re-testing my V02 max after 3 years and see what improvements I have made. In order to improve V02 max, high intensity intervals between 1-4 minutes are required with equal rest in between. The goal is acquire enough time at your maximum aerobic capacity to trigger the adaptions to the body to improve your V02 max. V02 max training puts huge amount of stress on the body and it is important to be rested going into the workout and ensure sufficient recovery for the body to recover and adapt to the workouts.

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