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Elite Fitness

What are your goals? I can develop specific training plans for

> 10k and Marathon running

> Triathlons 

> Ironman Training

> Cycling Sportives

> Cycling Time Trials 

> Endurance events 

> Muscle building 

> Fat loss

> Improved health

> Increased Energy levels

Whatever your goal, an assessment of your fitness levels will be carried out, with a full assessment of current nutrition and lifestyle to determine the best training and nutrition plan specific for you.  I have a 6, 8 and a 12 week plan depending on your goal. At every step of the way, I will measure and track performance and nutrition with regular feedback sessions to ensure you stay on track. I track clients nutrition using food tracking apps to get an accurate of how your diet is working towards reaching your goal. 

Other parameters are tracked like heart rate, training zones and  heart rate variability. It is a balance between working hard and recovering. From my own experience of completing many events and gaining insight from tracking variables like resting heart rate, heart rate variability and sleep, I am able to find the balance between pushing hard  without the risk of over training.  The ability to recover between workouts is key to continuing to make high fitness gains, especially the more demanding your goals are. Nutrition and recovery is key and this is given just at much attention as the training itself

My goal is to inspire, inform and inject motivation to allow you to reach your potential.

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